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How It Works

The process of getting your academic work done by our state-of-the-art writers is easy. Simply obtain CLEAR instructions regarding your assignment from your instructor, professor, or tutor. Make sure that these instructions are in clear English. Informal expressions in assignment instructions can confuse writers and delay your work or even get you the wrong product. Aspects you need to pay attention to include:

  1. Length either in pages or the number of words
  2. The citation style that is to be used
  3. The deadline
  4. Any specific sources that must be used. If no specific sources are required, kindly state as much
  5. The voice to be used: whether first person or third person

Once all the above issues are clear, get in touch with us, send us your assignment with all the above details and you wait for the finished product. We usually strive to make sure that you receive your paper earlier than the deadline so that you have the opportunity to read it and make sure that it meets your needs. Any areas you feel uncomfortable with are always promptly addressed through a free revision opportunity provided such revision is not based on ne instructions and is purely a writer’s fault. But do not worry because our writers do the best job to avoid revision.

We are always in touch with our writers to make sure that once your paper is done, it is edited by our professional editors, screened thoroughly for plagiarism and sent to you promptly. When you work with us, you have no reason to worry about tight deadlines and lateness. Our large number of highly qualified and ever-present writers enables us to deliver quickly on short notices.

  • 100% plagiarism free papers
  • Native English-speaking writers
  • Prices starting at $10/page
  • Free revisions according to the policy
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