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Money Back Guarantee

Academia Papers believes that you should only pay for what you regard as quality. In that connection:

  1. Any time a customer’s assignment fails to get a suitable writer that customer qualifies for 100% refund minus VAT. VAT is never refundable.
  2. Any time a writer is allocated a client’s assignment and less than 50% of the accepted deadline has passed and the client asks for a refund the refund is 50% of the money paid minus VAT. The withheld pay goes to the writer already working on the assignment. A client qualifies for 40% refund when more than half the deadline has passed.
  3. Approving a completed assignment is a sign of approval. Refunds after approval are not entertained. Customers are requested to check completed assignments carefully before approving them. In case of errors, a client has 7 days to request for revision. The revision can only be allowed without additional pay when the writer did not follow the instructions from the client. Adding new instructions to the already completed assignment attracts additional pay.
  • 100% plagiarism free papers
  • Native English-speaking writers
  • Prices starting at $10/page
  • Free revisions according to the policy
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