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Speech Analysis

The history of humankind is littered with numerous speeches that have been delivered by both great and mediocre people. The address to the citizens of Rome by Mark Antony in Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare is one of the oldest speeches. Socrates addressed his fellow Greeks just before he was killed after he was accused of corrupting the youth. Successive American presidents, diplomats, and military leaders such as General Douglas MacArthur have had their turn at the podium and delivered moving oration that has driven men and women into tears. Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King Junior swung into the annals of history with “I have A Dream,” which is considered the greatest speech in history. What makes a great speech? This question is answered in a speech analysis exercise that is quite common in most colleges around the world. While most of us enjoy listening to orators such as Barack Obama, not all of us are fond of analyzing speeches.

            At Academia Papers, it is our job to look at the tools that are employed by speech writers and orators in putting together their speeches. It is our specialty to find out what makes one speech great and what makes another speech mediocre. We look at the use or misuse of pathos, logos, and ethos. We look at the use of language and the degree to which the audience is targeted in the speech. We look at the outreach to history and the stretch into the future. We look at pandering and the embrace of pragmatism.

With Academia Papers, expect the best speech analysis that will paint you as the best speech analyst to have lived. All you got to do is tell us the speech that you want analyzed and we are good to go. 

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